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CONSIDERING AN ABORTION in Cherryville- Laurys Station, pa?

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Abortion Information Cherryville- Laurys Station, PA

The cost of an abortion depends on the type of procedure and the size of the baby, which is based on gestational age. Prices also vary by the provider. According to Planned Parenthood’s national average, a first-trimester abortion costs $400-$950, while second-trimester abortions cost $1200-$2100 or more. The cost of an abortion is dependent on various factors, including but not limited to:

Make An Informed Decision

Finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant can be overwhelming and leave you with a lot of questions. This may not be what you had planned, and perhaps you feel like you don’t have much control right now. Many women in similar situations consider abortion as their only option given their current life circumstances. We are here to discuss your options and help you understand each path.

Our team of professional client advocates and ultrasound nurses is here to answer any questions you may have about pregnancy, abortion, sexual health, or adoption, providing you with medically accurate and up-to-date information. Most importantly, they are here to listen to any and all of your concerns in a confidential environment.

Things to Consider before an Abortion in Cherryville- Laurys Station, PA

Am I really pregnant? And if so, is my pregnancy viable (living)? Is there a heartbeat? Am I at risk for a natural miscarriage? Do you know the laws in Pennsylvania regarding abortion?

Before scheduling an abortion, it’s crucial to verify two things: a positive pregnancy and a viable pregnancy. At Care Net of Carbon County, we provide free lab-quality pregnancy tests to confirm your pregnancy. If you are pregnant, we will offer you a free ultrasound to confirm if your baby is viable and located in the uterus, as opposed to a tubal pregnancy. You may be unaware that up to 20% of women experience a natural miscarriage in the first trimester1 (first 12 weeks) of pregnancy, so an ultrasound is the first step before scheduling any medical procedure. Your risk can be best assessed through ultrasound.

Cherryville- Laurys Station - Abortion Information


Abortion Information